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Custom Wine Room

There are many reasons you should consider getting a custom wine room for your favorite perfectly aged beverage. Keeping your bottles safe and well preserved are of the highest priority when choosing where and how your wine room should be. Elegant and beautiful additions to your home, a wine room is a great place to store your collection of fine wine.

Many components go into the design of a custom wine room, Insulation, Climate, Humidity, Door Quality, and Lighting.

Starting with the insulation of your room is one of the key points of any wine room. Keeping proper insulation makes sure that the temperature outside of your room will not negatively effect your wines inside of your room. Insulation is very important in maintaining the proper climate along with room size, location and lighting they all play vital roles in determining both humidity and temperature. If climate issues seem imminent then you should think about getting a system put in to help you regulate your temperature and humidity. Your door selection is very importaint as well, as it is the front line for protecting your precious wines from any outside influences that could alter your wines taste and color.
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