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Rolled/Blanket Insulation

Rolled/Blanket Insulation is made of fiberglass and is made to be place in between wall studs and ceiling studs. They can be cut to size to fit into your wall space but some come in pre-cut sizes, depending on what you need. They come with or without a vapor barrier that is flame retardant. Often chosen for its affordability standard fiberglass blankets have a thermal resistance or R-values between R-2.9 and R-3.8 per inch of thickness and High-performance fiberglass with a higher density have R-values of about R-3.7 to R-4.3.

Your maximum thermal performance or R-value of your insulation depends a lot on the installation of the blankets as any imperfections or misplacement of the Roll/Blanket could allow air to pass and give you pockets in your insulation, letting cold or hot air in or out of your home, and making your energy bill higher.

Request an ESTIMATE today to have our team look at your home and install your insulation the right way and cut your energy bill down significantly.

Here you can see the insulation from a side and that it has neat layers of fiberglass that keep heat from passing through and can fit in between your ceiling studs or wall studs to prevent air passage. 

Here are some more examples of Blanket Insulation

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