Low maintenance roofing is important for a difficult-to-access area such as a roof, especially since most homeowner’s policies do not cover damage resulting from a roof that is not maintained properly. Dynamic Renovations is so confident in our high-quality installation and premium roofing products that we provide an additional three year warranty on all labor (on top of the manufacturer’s warranty on materials), without charging you as the homeowner an arm and a leg.

Hail Damage Repair

Hail Chasers: Out of state companies that travel from state to state chasing insurance money, quick cash. These companies usually offer local contractors huge sums of money to use their contractor’s license. Once the majority of the hail/storm damage is repaired they leave VA to chase another storm. Unfortunately, the local contractor gets lefts behind with a tremendous amount of repairs that eventually are too much to handle. In many cases local contractors go out of business.
In fact, after the 1994 hail storm, 30% of our business for the next 10 years was repairing hail chaser’s unprofessional, improperly installed roofing, siding, and trim work. Sometimes there were repairs, sometimes there were entire jobs had to be re-done and in some cases there was structural damage to the home that was very costly.

Why repair your roof or siding after hail?

  • Insurance Companies have a time limit on filing claims
  • Mortgage Companies rely on the homeowner to maintain the home
  • Building Inspectors will see hail damage if you try to sell the home
  • Most Important: Hail can cause impact craters that can grow over 3 years. Impact craters hold water. If the water freezes, craters expand causing more damage.